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Dump or Keep with Hina Khan, Make It Eclectic Chic, Trendy Tresses, Got Your Bug Out Bag?

Check out the trendiest styles for every hair type, and get tips on how to get the eclectic-chic look in your space. Plus, you can be the judge in another round of Dump or Keep with Hina Khan and get some tips on packing a bug out bag.
Segment 1
Make It Eclectic Chic
Make It Eclectic Chic
If you're unsure how to pull off eclectic chic, Style at Home's Erin McLaughlin has some keys rules to follow when pulling your space together.
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Segment 2
Got Your Bug Out Bag?
Got Your Bug Out Bag?
Frugalista Amrita Singh swears she isn't an alarmist, but she does believe in keeping a bug out bag (a.k.a. an evacuation kit) packed and on the ready. This is a frugal activity that could prove priceless if the need ever arises.
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Segment 3
Trendy Tresses
Trendy Tresses
Hairstylist Matthew Collins knows how to make trendy tresses out of all lengths and textures of hair. Whether you've got short, medium, long, thin, thick or curly hair, Matthew has something for you to try.
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Segment 4
Dump or Keep with Hina Khan
Dump or Keep with Hina Khan
Whether you're dating a health nut or a bedroom baby talker, psychotherapist Hina Khan offers her opinion on whether you should 'Dump or Keep' your man.
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Segment 5
Life Made Easy: Bug Out Bag Items
Life Made Easy: Bug Out Bag Items
Frugalista Amrita Singh returns to share a few more ideas of items to include in your evacuation kit, including waterproofing matches and a unique, easy firestarter.
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