Steven and Chris

DIY End Tables

Building your own end table is a lot easier than you might think. Here are three impressive end tables you can build in just a few hours.

Copper Pipe Nesting Tables


  • 3 lengths of 1/2 copper pipe
  • 8 copper 'T" joints
  • 4 copper end caps
  • 4 copper "90" joints
  • Tile Sample or Off Cut
  • Copper Pipe Cutter


1. Cut your lengths of copper pipe to your desired width and length. End tables are usually 25-30 inches high. The length and width depends on the size of your tile sample. For example: if you are using a 16x16inch tile you probably want the length and width to be 13 inches, so the top of your table has a slight overhang.

2. Dry fit all your lengths of copper. Your frame should be strong enough to stand on its own.

3. Using contact cement refit all your lengths of copper pipe including the end caps as feet.

4. Pop your tile sample on top.

Suitcase End Table


  • Vintage suitcase (hardcase)
  • Old stool or chair base
  • Spray paint
  • Hacksaw


1. Give your suitcase a good scrub. Years of grease and probably old airport stickers need to be cleaned off so that your spray paint will adhere.

2. Spray paint your suitcase. We chose to paint ours flat black.

3. Find an old stool or chair, and remove the seat and back rest, using a hacksaw and screwdriver.

4. Spray your new 'base' the same color as your suitcase.

5. Attach your suitcase to your base using nuts and bolts and enjoy!

Tree Stump End Table


  • Old Tree stump or log
  • Primer
  • Sandpaper
  • Colorful paints
  • Masking tape
  • Self leveling epoxy


1. Find an old tree stump. If you happen to live near a wooded area, this shouldn't be too hard. In the city, we called a few tree cutting services, and they were glad to give us some of their off cuts. For best results you want a dry log, one that was cut down at least a year ago.

2. Sand the top of your stump.

3. Prime the top, you may need several coats.

4. Tape out a pattern you'd like to see on your end table. We were inspired by Navy Semaphore flags, which have a great graphic element.

5. Paint your pattern, and let it dry thoroughly.

6. Apply a self-leveling epoxy to the top. This will hide any ridges or notches that may exist in the wood, and give it a glass-like finish.

7. Spray a clear coat all over the sides of your log.

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