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DIY Carnation Spheres with Nia Vardalos

Who knew? Author and actress Nia Vardalos worked as a professional florist in Winnipeg before rising to fame with My Big Fat Greek Wedding. She shares a simple floral DIY project that adds instant color to any table.

You'll need:
  • Carnations (At least 50 bloomed carnations)
  • 4.5" floral foam sphere
  • Round stubby glass vase
  • Sharp knife

1. Soak your floral foam in water for a couple of hours.

2. Trim carnation stems to one inch using sharp knife.

3. Stuff carnations into sphere until full surface is covered.

4. Place carnation sphere onto upside-down stubby vase.

Completed carnation spheres will stay fresh for at least three days. If you plan to make multiple carnation spheres you should consider buying your flowers from a wholesaler to cut down on costs.

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