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Custom Furniture, Outdoor Lighting, Maple Butternut Tarts, Butternut Squash Gnocchi, Wedding Gowns

Chef Joshna makes two dishes with one star ingredient. Keasha Rigsby shows us celebrity-inspired wedding gowns, and we increase your curb appeal with outdoor lighting.
Segment 1
Outdoor Lighting Solutions
Outdoor Lighting Solutions
As the days get shorter exterior lighting is key to your curb appeal. Contractor Frank Dileo gives us his tips on how to install exterior lighting for your home.
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Segment 2
Building Custom Furniture
Building Custom Furniture
Custom furniture is as much about beauty as it is about workmanship. You're limited only by your imagination, so you really need to know what you want. Designer Kirsten Marshall takes us through the steps of building a custom chair.
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Segment 3
This is comfort food at its best. Making homemade gnocchi may seem daunting, but make it once and you'll be a pro in no time! Besides, one bite of Chef Joshna's dreamy little pillows and you'll be hooked like we are.
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Segment 4
Maple Butternut Tarts
Maple Butternut Tarts
These irresistible tarts have quickly become an Steven and Chris team favorite! Try Chef Joshna's recipe, and we're sure you'll agree.
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Segment 5
Celeb-Inspired Wedding Gowns
Celeb-Inspired Wedding Gowns
Need a little wedding gown inspiration? Keasha Rigsby of Say Yes to the Dress fame came by to promote her new show Keasha's Perfect Dress. She brought along her wedding gown selections for three big-name celebrities tying the knot: Jennifer Aniston, Avril Lavigne and Adele.
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