Steven and Chris

Creative Wedding Gift Wrapping

Make your wedding gift stand out with these three easy and unique ways to wrap it, whether it's a gift for the bride, groom or the happy couple.

A Gift For Her

For her, we suggest wrapping your gift as a clutch purse. It's something every woman can relate to

Brown craft paper
Single earring or brooch

This is very simple, and inexpensive! Wrap your gift in brown craft paper or a solid colored paper. From there, wrap your doily around the top of the gift box, and glue it down. Secure with a ribbon and a single mismatched earring for the look of a vintage clutch!

A Gift For Him

For his gift, we suggest using a bowtie to wrap the present.

Gift wrap

If a clutch purse seemed simple, this is even easier! Wrap your gift box in a chic paper, and rather than a bow, finish the gift with a fun bowtie. Choose something that suits the man you're giving the gift to (pattern for a fun and fearless guy, and tailored for a sophisticated fellow). Then the wrapping becomes part of the present.

A Gift For the Happy Couple

Wedding day gifts are always a challenge, so why not help the couple out with their honeymoon? A passport holder filled with the currency from the country they're travelling to is a unique alternative to a regular envelope.

Passport holder
Currency of country they're going to for honeymoon
Bow of vintage map or map of country they are travelling to

We put the currency of the country our couple will be visiting on their honeymoon into a sleek passport holder. From there, we secured it with travel-inspired ribbon and attached a bon-voyage gift tag.

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