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Cool DIY Accessories

Whether you're hanging a picture frame or picking up a pile of spilt nails, these cool DIY accessories make those home projects easier and more enjoyable.

Black and Decker Sure Grip Laser Level $30
Equipped with mark-free technology so that your walls remain smudge and stain-free, the SureGrip features a rubber suction cup for easy and sturdy attachment to most nonporous surfaces. Work hands-free with the help of a magnetic attachment that flips the project's laser line left or right, projecting a clean and clearly visible line along which to hang items.

Magnetic Roller $47.50
The 18" wide body of this magnetic sweep can pick up about two pounds of material, whether it is metal shavings in a machine shop or fasteners on a construction site. When the quick-release handle on the aluminum housing is pulled up, the magnet bar withdraws to ensure quick clearing of a load.

Tug-N-Back Writer Pencil holder for the segment $4.95
Similar in function to a retractable key chains, this pencil holder has a rectangular case with an attached mounting cup. A great way to keep pens and pencils at the ready.

Flex Neck Magnetic Spotlight $13
Not only does this spotlight let you find something you have dropped, it can also pick it up since the three-LED tip is encased in a ring magnet that is strong enough to pick up a 1" box-end wrench. The anodized aluminum body encloses a telescoping shaft that extends the unit to 22", the last 2-1/2" of the shaft being flexible.

Magnetic Tool Bars for the shop 13" $15.50, 24" $23.50
These strong magnetic tool bars have a maximum weight capacity or pull strength is 20 lb for a flat 1" wide object.

Quartz Overhead Radiant Heater $59
Radiant heaters don't rely on ambient air to transfer heat energy. They warm objects directly (people, workstations or tools), without drying the air, or circulating dust and other particles in the workshop. Lightweight, easy to install, silent, clean and efficient.

Hammer with magnifier $62.50
This unusual hammer has a magnifying lens integrated into the hammer head, useful for parts inspection. It has hardened flat and ball-peen heads that are offset for clearance, permitting strikes close to an adjacent surface.

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