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Contractor Tips and Tricks, Fab Mom Makeover, Toolbox Tricks, The Year's Hottest Color, Jock Yoga, Celebrity Skin Situations

Steven and Chris reveal the year's hottest color, Dr. Singh discusses surprising celebrity skin conditions, and we check out extreme yoga for the serious athlete. Plus, contractor tips and toolbox tricks.
Segment 1
The Years Hottest Color: Emerald Green
The Year's Hottest Color: Emerald Green
Every year Pantone, the world's color authority for nearly 50 years, predicts the hottest trends in color that will influence all creative industries. This year, Pantone's colour of the year is Emerald 17-564.
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Segment 2
Ask Frank: Contractor Tips and Tricks
Ask Frank: Contractor Tips and Tricks
When it comes to renovations and DIY dilemmas and answering home repair questions, Steven and Chris' resident contractor Frank Di Leo is just the guy.
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Segment 3
Fab Mom Makeover
Fab Mom Makeover
Dynamic makeover duo Jessica and Kristjan worked their magic again on Julie, a young mom of two who's married to a fire fighter and works as a massage therapist.
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Segment 4
Celebrity Skin Situations
Celebrity Skin Situations
Have problematic skin? You're not alone as even A-listers suffer from the same conditions. Resident dermatologist, Dr. Davindra Singh shares the inside scoop on skin situations celebrities face.
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Segment 5
Jock Yoga with Michael DeCorte
Jock Yoga with Michael DeCorte
Jock Yoga was created by Michael DeCorte for type-A jocks. Michael brought a few of his yogi's to our studio to wow us with their moves. Take a look, it's truly incredible!
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Segment 6
Toolbox Tricks
Toolbox Tricks
Keep your tools organized and in top shape with these easy toolbox tricks. In a pinch and don't think you have the tool you need? Here are a few DIY solutions for that, too.
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