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Comfy and Stylish Basement, Reuse Fitness Gear, Turn Photos Into Art, Soda Pop Birthday Cake, Dryer Do's and Don'ts, Resistance Band Workout

The Web Wonder Woman shows you how to transform your photos into works of art, Chef Kyla makes a birthday cake with an unusual ingredient, and a head-to-toe workout you can do at home. Plus, reuse your fitness gear and dryer do's and don'ts.
Segment 1
Create a Comfy and Stylish Basement
Create a Comfy and Stylish Basement
Lisa Worth says yes you can have it all: comfort and style in your basement media room. Here are a few of her key tips and tricks to make it happen.
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Segment 2
Soda Pop Birthday Cake
Soda Pop Birthday Cake
Celebrate a birthday with this foolproof cake, complete with surprise ingredient -- soda pop!
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Segment 3
Turn Your Photos Into Art
Turn Your Photos Into Art
We've pretty much all come to have and love digital cameras and smart phones but there's so much more we can do with the photos we take using those devices. Our Web Wonder Woman Jamey Ordolis shows some really fun ways to turn the photos you take into art using cools apps and websites.
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Segment 4
Dryer Dos and Donts
Dryer Do's and Don'ts
Our resident home guru Sara Lynn Cauchon's got a few reasons for you to rethink how you use your clothes dryer. With her suggestions, your clothes will live longer, you'll save money, and cut energy consumption.
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Segment 5
Reinvigorating Resistance Band Workout
Reinvigorating Resistance Band Workout
Fitness expert Assata McKenzie show us how we can get a total body workout using the ever-so-popular resistance bands. They're versatile, portable, and inexpensive!
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Segment 6
Reuse Your Fitness Gear
Reuse Your Fitness Gear
Thinking of throwing away your old exercise gear? Not so fast. Our home guru Sara Lynn Cauchon has a few creative ways you can find new uses for it.
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