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Chris' Angels: Massage Products

The Angels give us the real rub down on three massage gadgets.

Air Compression Leg Wraps, $82
The claim: Helps calm and soothe aching tired muscles. It's the ultimate leg and foot massage!

The verdict: "These totally remind me of Pretty Woman hooker boots -- or a doctor's blood pressure cuff! It finally inflated after 10 minutes, but had no massaging action!" -- Joanne

Breast Enhancer Enlargement Massager, $6
The claim: Quickly firm, improve and increase your bust.

The verdict: "So hilarious; in other words, it didn't work, though there was a slight lift when used as a push-up insert. But for someone as busty as me, it was like adding a cup of water to the ocean." -- Cher

OSIM uCrown 2 Soothing Head Massager with Music, $204
The claim: Patented air-pressure technology, vibration massage, magnetic therapy, gentle heat and soothing music combine to deliver a tension-relieving, circulation-boosting massage for your head and scalp -- all in the comfort of your own home!

The verdict: "It made me feel like Frankenstein. The so-called soothing voice made me more anxious than relaxed, and it felt like my head was getting squished!" -- Taylor

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