Steven and Chris

Chris' Angels: Kitchen Gadgets

Chris' Angels tested out some kitchen gadgets to let you know which will claim their precious kitchen counter space.

Magic Bullet, $50

The claim: This product claims to do any job in 10 seconds or less. That means making everything from a mousse to a sorbet, grated cheese, pesto, or chicken salad.

The verdict: "This is a kitchen gadget I use every day, even before we were assigned to review it! It's small, compact and easy to use. You still have to pre-chop some ingredients and I can't get through anything in under 10 seconds, but it's definitely something I'll be keeping on my counter!"  Joanne

Vidalia Chop Wizard, $20

The claim: Tired of all the tears when you're chopping? Chop them away and cut your prep time in half. This gadget claims to chop whole onions with one sift motion.

The verdict: "I love the dicing piece and it does speed up the process when making omelettes and chunky salads. However, this is another kitchen gadget to store and it's definitely not worth the premium real estate of my counter or pantry."  Cher

FrankFormer, $8

The claim: The Frank Former is too much fun for a bun! It turns your favourite hot dog into a "happy hot dog man" that comes to life before your eyes.

The verdict: "It was really fun for the kids to decorate Mr. Frank with ketchup and mustard. We all had a laugh over dinner. Make sure you hand wash your FrankFormer as it can warp in the dishwasher if you run it too hot. This can be a fun gift for kids, or a great gag present. For eight bucks, why not?"  Taylor

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