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Buy It New Or Used?

Finance expert Rubina Ahmed-Haq is a fan of saving money by buying used items. But there are times when a new purchase might be a more money savvy choice. Do you know what to buy new or used?

Power Tools -- Used
Most power tools are built to last so as long as they are in good working condition, buy them used.

Kids Sports Equipment -- Used

After a thorough cleaning sporting equipment should be able to hold up to whatever your kids throw at it. Kids grow quickly too so buying new might be a shortlived expense.

Tires -- New
No point going cheap when it comes to the safety of your vehicle and its occupants.

Crib -- New
Safety standards are constantly changing and it's never wise to take a chance on furniture for kids. Buy it new so you know you're getting the most safe model.

Helmets -- New
Don't take any chances when it comes to your head!

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