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Braised Chicken and Tomatillo Tostadas, Popcorn Soup, Curate Your Bookshelf, Heart Healthy Foods, Nursery, Sexy Curls

We'll show you how to decorate your bookcase so you can showcase your style and meaningful items. And, we're making the perfect meal for your next date night in, and Matthew Collins shows you sexy curls for a hot night out on the town. Plus, a nursery gets the Good, Better, Best treatment.
Segment 1
Braised Chicken and Tomatillo Tostadas
Braised Chicken and Tomatillo Tostadas
Chef Cory Vitiello's braised chicken and tomatillo tostados are casual, fun and easy, making them a great option for date night. A perfect one-pot wonder dish, they pack a lot of flavour atop fried tortillas.
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Segment 2
Popcorn Soup with Cheddar Croutons
Popcorn Soup with Cheddar Croutons
Want to whip up a little something different for date night in? Try Chef Cory Vitiello's corn soup, thickened with popcorn kernels, and garnished with popcorn and cheddar cheese croutons.
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