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Balsamic Blast Cocktail, Paleo Apple Almond Muffins, Dump or Keep with Hina Khan, For the Love of Wallpaper, Fad Diet Pros and Cons, Perfect Posture Yoga

Steven and Chris break down the good, the bad and the ugly of fad diets and they have some tips for how to add wallpaper to any room in your house. Plus, get a lesson in perfect posture yoga and check out how to mix up a cocktail with one unusual ingredient -- basil.
Segment 1
For the Love of Wallpaper
For the Love of Wallpaper
Wallpaper can be daunting to decorate with, but Christine Dovey shows us there's nothing to fear, and how to add wallpaper to any room of your home.
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Segment 2
Fad Diet Pros and Cons
Fad Diet Pros and Cons
These days diets are a dime a dozen. But which ones actually work? Nutritionist Melissa Ramos put three of the top ones to the test. Here is what she found.
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Segment 3
Paleo Apple Almond Muffins
Paleo Apple Almond Muffins
Nutritionist Melissa Ramos shares with us one of her favorite recipes that follows the Paleo diet.
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Segment 4
Perfect Posture Yoga
Perfect Posture Yoga
Great posture makes you look slimmer, taller and more confident, not to mention the many health benefits it brings. Yoga expert Jana Webb shows us some moves that will help us all sit up a little straighter.
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Segment 5
Dump or Keep with Hina Khan
Dump or Keep with Hina Khan
Would you continue dating someone who has a problem with your height? How about someone who's constantly on their cell phone? Psychotherapist Hina Khan joined us once again to sound off on the ever-important question 'Dump or Keep?'
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Segment 6
Balsamic Blast Cocktail
Balsamic Blast Cocktail
Our resident mixologist is at it again! Simon surprised our taste buds with this very unique sipping cocktail. If you're looking for an explosion of flavour, look no further.
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