Steven and Chris

An Inspirational Makeover

The Steven and Chris makeover dream team, Kristjan Hayden and Jessica Albano, stepped in once again to give a fashion makeover to our viewer Leigh, who recently shared her incredible weight loss story with us.

After adopting a low carb, low fat, low sodium diet and becoming an avid runner, Leigh lost 120 pounds. Now in control of her health, she felt her sense of style was also in need of an overhaul, but she wasn't sure how to dress her new body. Here's a look at her incredible weight loss transformation.

Typically, Leigh used to wear running gear or jeans, and never wore any makeup. So, Jessica offered these tips, which we can all apply when shopping for a new wardrobe.

    1. Take the time to figure out your body shape and read up on how to dress it.

    2. Take a friend shopping with you who will be honest on how things look.

    3. Go against your instincts and try on new types of clothing.

    4. Take the time to shop. Know it isn't easy, but can really make a difference, and you deserve it!

With these style tips in hand, here are Leigh's new looks for daytime and evening:

Leigh's used to work out hair so Kristjan gave her a style that works both down and tied up, and doesn't require much maintenance. We love the bangs!

As for makeup, Kristjan taught Leight to do a five-minute face with these five items: concealer, pressed powder, blush, mascara and lipstick or gloss.

Big thank you to Reitman's, for generously giving Leigh a $1,000 gift card to start her new wardrobe, and Leigh for sharing her story with us.

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