Steven and Chris

5 Travel Hacks to See the World on a Budget

Chris Guillebeau, the man who traveled to 193 countries within 10 years, shares his top travel hacks that will help you see the world on a budget.

1. Get the Right Credit Card

A few years ago, Chris Guillebeau applied for 17 credit cards at once. He earned 400,000 frequent flyer miles from those cards and he did not wreck his credit! Through responsible money management, Chris actually managed to improve his credit.

Although you don't have to apply for 17 credit cards, applying for one or two credit cards with great signup bonuses can go a long way.

Visit Cards for Travel for more information.

2. Stay Loyal to Your Hotel

Pick a hotel chain and stick with it. Hotel clerks have the authority to upgrade your stay, so be nice. By being loyal to a hotel -- even if it's five-to-ten nights a year -- it can go a long way.

3. Master the Award Chart

Every airline program has an award chart which determines how many miles or points are needed to fly you to a specific destination.

The internet has made this simple! Search online for your airline's award chart, download the chart and get to know it. There are often times more opportunities to fly to a different region or upgrade your seat class for a few more points.

4. Miles are Not Just from the Sky

Every year Chris earns at least one million frequent flyer miles but only a quarter of those come from actual flying! The rest are earned through credit card bonuses, signups, surveys and promotions.

For more information visit Cards for Travel or Flyer Talk.

5. Hang Up and Call Again

We've all been in situations where we're not happy with an airline or a hotel. Sometimes the agent or representative you're on the line with is overworked or new and not properly trained. By hanging up and calling back, you increase your chances of speaking to someone else who is better qualified to give you the solution you want.

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