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4 Elements of Healthy Eating

Every professional has trade secrets and that's no different for dietician Tina Stewart, who shares her four elements of healthy eating.


There are two types of fiber. Soluble fiber attracts water and helps slow down the digestive process. Nature's brew helps keep things going and can be found in high fiber cereals, apples, raspberries.


People only need one teaspoon of sodium a day and there is generally more than we need in most foods. Tina advises to always read nutrition labels to find out just how much sodium you are getting.


A lot is focused on the quantity of fat, but the quality of the fat is just as important. An easy rule of thumb is if you can pour it, it is always going to be a healthier fat. If it's a fat that can be stored at room temperature, that's a fat you want more of.


Our bodies cannot make omegas, which means they need to come from food sources. There are three types. DHA and EPA are found in seafood, and ALA is plant-based and commonly found in foods like flax and walnuts.

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