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1 Bathroom-2 Looks, Bathroom Organization Tips, Turtleneck, Beef and Dark Stout Stew, Yorkshire Pudding, David Sutcliffe's Smoothie

Steven and Chris make a British staple fit for royalty, Erica's shows three ways to wear the latest fashion trend, and actor David Sutcliffe shares his six-pack secret. Plus, bathroom decorating and organization tips.
Segment 1
One Bathroom, Two Looks
One Bathroom, Two Looks
The style of your bathroom should also reflect your lifestyle and the mood you want to create in your home. Design expert Jennifer Reid shows us how to achieve two different looks using the same bathroom vanity.
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Segment 2
Foolproof Yorkshire Pudding
Foolproof Yorkshire Pudding
A delicious pastry, Chef Jonathan Collins' yorkshire pudding is crispy on the outside, nice and soft on the inside, and perfect along with your foolproof beef dark stout stew.
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Segment 3
Foolproof Beef and Dark Stout Stew
Foolproof Beef and Dark Stout Stew
Chef Jonathan Collins' rustic stew has a tasty secret ingredient: dark stout beer.
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Segment 4
Three Ways to Wear: The Turtleneck
Three Ways to Wear: The Turtleneck
The turtleneck is a classic piece that's stood the test of time. They are being seen all over stores this season, and fashion stylist Erica Wark shares three stylish ways to wear it.
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Segment 5
David Sutcliffes Smoothie Recipe
David Sutcliffe's Smoothie Recipe
Distinguished actor David Sutcliffe, star of CBC's new crime drama Cracked, stopped by to celebrate his move to Canadian TV and share a smoothie recipe he swears helps maintain his six-pack abs.
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Segment 6
Bathroom Organization Tips
Bathroom Organization Tips
Steven and Chris have some easy tips and tricks to keep your bathroom organized, from the perfect towel-folding technique to how to decoratively store your bathroom tissue.
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