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Up, Up and Away...

Lori invites over a houseful of former flight attendants she flew with in the 1970's when the entire gang worked for Air Florida. Joey relives some of the good, bad and ugly stories with the girls from a time in commercial air travel that is long gone.

Joey reviews the recipe called, "Mama Shrimp" created by Lori Kline when she was a flight attendant for Air Florida back in the 70's. Now they add in the heavy whipping cream and the 'secret spices' Lori refuses to reveal. Stir in those spices nice and slow so they melt in, then ka pow, the sauce is made.

Next, add the raw shrimp that have been chilling in the fridge and let them take a bath in the butter and cream sauce. You can also use crawfish to give your recipe that authentic Creole touch.

While the dish is simmering, Lori's husband makes a cool salad from the fresh produce he has brought from their home-based produce market business.

Her daughter, Sammi, samples the sauce to make sure that Joey has blended everything to perfection. She plans to hand the dish down to her children and their children, too.

After the sauce blending is done, they make the pasta. You can use angel hair, linguini or rice. A little touch of butter keeps everything sliding along.

Soon Lori's flight attendant friends begin to arrive and the party begins! Everyone is elated to see Lori and Joey and reflect on their times together almost 20 years ago. They talk about the wholesome, yet sexy appearance, they had to maintain as stewardesses and a lot of good times flying high in the sky with Air Florida.

Flight Attendant Shares Mama Shrimp Recipe

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