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Tiramisu Parfaits

This no-bake tiramisu is the perfect dessert to serve when you are entertaining a large crowd.

Before knocking on the door of Heather Milanes, who is cooking a classic Italian dish, Joey stops at one of his favorite spots -- Cost Plus World Market. The store has a surprising selection of imported Italian food, wine and ingredients perfect for giving an Italian meal that authentic Italiano flare. He plans to help Heather out with the meal by making some tasty appetizers and cocktails.

"I was really excited that Joey showed up at my door with all these World Market products because it made it really fun and interesting," said Heather Milanes of San Diego, California.

The perfect way to keep your party entertained is to serve a simple tray of meats and cheeses -- so Joey and Heather get busy prepping this delicious appetizer. They filled the tray with a variety of meats, cheeses, olives, roasted bell peppers, and crackers.

"I am actually really impressed with Cost Plus World Market. I shop there quite frequently for my family. I do a lot of cooking ingredients there and you wouldn't think that World Market would be filled with all the things that they have. I absolutely love it," said Heather.

Then, Joey shares a fun family appetizer that he makes with his kids -- prosciutto sticks. He wraps bread sticks with prosciutto and drizzles balsamic vinegar and olive oil over the top.

Before they get started on the main dish, Joey and Heather whip up a cocktail using some tasty Italian soda from Cost Plus World Market, vodka and fresh herbs. It is a sure-fire way to get the party started!

Heather has always loved to cook, but in recent years, she has really focused on simple, easy-to-make recipes that are big on taste. Her passion for cooking allows her to spend time with her family and friends and spread love through the magic of her kitchen.

One of the simple recipes Heather loves to make is a no-bake tiramisu. She serves this dessert parfait-style -- which is perfect for entertaining. She likes to make this treat before her guests arrive so she can focus her attention on the main dish.

Then, Heather makes her chicken piccata. The quick and easy pan-fried chicken is topped with a sauce made with butter, capers, white wine and lemon juice. She pairs this dish with fresh and delicious pasta. The flavor combination of the two dishes literally brings Joey to his knees!

For more information on the Cost Plus World Market products used visit

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