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Texas Style Cook-Off Between Husband and Wife

Joey Fatone visited the home of Nick and Lynda Sanders where this husband and wife duo battled it out for bragging rights over their Texas-style cooking.

Nick and Lynda live Just outside Dallas, Texas in a small community known as Trophy Club. Some of their recipes have been winners at the Texas State Fair.

"I think Texas has some of the best food. It is something that we are proud of," said Lynda.

The couple treated Joey to not one but two meals for a cook-off between husband and wife. The Sanders have been married for over 40 years and are deep rooted in the Texas lifestyle and the food that goes along with it.

"As we got married and started cooking I was really the sous chef -- so wash the pot, go get this, cut this, skin the potato, whatever that might be," said Nick.

Nick made deviled eggs, brisket and potato salad -- all with a slight Texas twist. And, Lynda made a little bit of a lighter meal -- herb crusted salmon, grilled asparagus and grit souffle. When they are done making their dishes, Joey has to decide which one of them has the winning meal.

Lynda's grit soufflé recipe has been in the family for years. She adds a little bit of cayenne pepper for an extra spicy kick.

Nick rubbed his beef brisket with a tasty homemade sauce and baked it at a low temperature for 10 hours. The result is a tender and flavorful brisket. His deviled eggs have a secret ingredient -- sugar, which adds a delicious sweetness.

While the brisket baked, Lynda whipped up herb crusted salmon. She topped the salmon with butter, fresh breadcrumbs and herbs. It makes a crunchy topping that can't be beat.

For dessert, the Sanders' grandchildren baked a Texas Sheath Cake and topped it with a homemade icing.

When the time comes for Joey to judge the meals, he finds himself in tough situation as both meals were equally delicious. His plate was stacked with incredible Texas style dishes that had tons of flavors.

"I must say the brisket was absolutely amazing. The asparagus and the potato salad were tie for me because I am not a huge fan of neither of them but they were good. The salmon was out of this world. I loved the crunch on it but what's bringing me home are the grits. You both did an amazing job. It is great to see that a family like yours has come together and appreciates and enjoys food," said Joey.

Segment 1
Deviled Eggs
Deviled Eggs
Nick Sanders' recipe for deviled eggs has a secret ingredient -- sugar. It adds a hint of sweetness.
See Recipe
Segment 2
Garlic Cheese Grits Souffle
Garlic Cheese Grits Souffle
Lynda Sanders' recipe for grits souffle has been in her family for years. She adds a pinch of cayenne pepper for an extra spicy kick.
See Recipe
Segment 3
Marinated Brisket
Marinated Brisket
Adding liquid smoke to the marinate for the brisket makes it takes like the meat was smoked on the BBQ for hours.
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Segment 4
Herb Crusted Salmon with Aioli
Herb Crusted Salmon with Aioli
Lynda Sanders' recipe for herb crusted salmon is topped with butter, fresh breadcrumbs and herbs, which makes a crunchy and delicious topping.
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Segment 5
Texas-Style Potato Salad
Texas-Style Potato Salad
Nick Sanders' recipe for potato salad is rich on Texas-style flavor.
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Segment 6
Marinated Grilled Asparagus
Marinated Grilled Asparagus
If you like asparagus, you'll love this marinated grilled asparagus recipe.
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Segment 7
Texas Sheath Cake
Texas Sheath Cake
Sheath cake is a Texas tradition. It's a very rich moist cake that leaves you asking for more.
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Segment 8
Dallas Best Banana Nut Cake
Dallas' Best Banana Nut Cake
Lynda Sanders shares her mother's recipe for banana nut cake.
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Segment 9
Joey Fatone Trades Places With Production Team Member
Joey Fatone Trades Places With Production Team Member
Joey Fatone, host of My Family Recipe Rocks, gets a taste of what it is like to be behind the camera. He trades places with Zach, who is in charge of the sound for the show.
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Photo Gallery
Behind-the-Scenes Photos: Texas Style Cook-Off
Go behind the scenes as Joey visits the home of Nick and Lynda Sanders for some Texas grub.
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