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Runners Share Healthy Vegetarian Recipes

Joey Fatone hits the ground running with two ladies from Phoenix, Arizona, who embrace a healthy lifestyle by eating well and training together for marathons. They share a few healthy vegetarian recipes.
Corine Green and Danae Halliday are friends who have dedicated their lives to healthy living. Their passion is to make great tasting, low-calorie dishes. But can they turn Joey into a believer that eating healthy foods can actually taste good?

Corine and Danae find joy in concocting healthy recipes by substituting things like butter and sugar with nutritious ingredients that help keep the waistline thin. These two friends enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle that's not only centered around the kitchens but in marathon running as well.

The pair ran their first marathon together a few years ago and they have been doing it ever since.

"It is a stress reliever for me. It is a way to stay healthy and get exercise. It is a way for me to set goals for myself and strive to be able to meet those goals," said Danae.

They also have their own food blogs -- and

Corine showed Joey how to make her vegan chili recipe. She has been making it for the last 12 years and she has never met anyone, including meat eaters, that hasn't liked the dish. Corine uses her homemade seitan, which is a vegetarian meat substitue, in place of the more commonly used ground beef in her chili. After you add all the ingredients, you need to let it simmer for two to four hours. But it is worth the wait!

Danae's recipe for black bean and corn salsa salad was passed down from her mom. It was something that she grew up eating. The dressing that adorns this salad is so simple, yet so flavorful.

For the finale, the ladies make an irresistible layered trifle featuring vanilla pudding, raw vegan brownie and peanut butter coconut whipped cream. It's a guilt-free dessert!

Segment 1
Vegan chili is a family recipe from Corine Green.
Vegan Chili
This vegan chili is made with homemade seitan. It is sure to be hit with any crowd!
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Segment 2
Black bean corn salsa salad is a generational family recipe from Danae Halliday passed down from her mother.
Black Bean and Corn Salsa Salad
This flavorful salsa salad is perfect for summer. It is light and delicious!
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Segment 3
Corine and Danae make this trifle dessert... its to die for good!
Brownie and Pudding Trifle
Try this healthy twist on the traditional trifle.
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Photo Gallery
Joey Fatone, Corine Green, and Danae Halliday getting ready to cook up some healthy vegetarian and vegan dishes!
Behind-the-Scenes Photos: Phoenix Runners
Joey Fatone heads to Phoenix, Arizona to catch up with two friends who love to run marathons and cook healthy, delicious meals together!
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