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Pulled Pork Takes Center Stage at Evanston Block Party

The Annual Lincolnwood Drive block party in Evanston, Illinois, celebrates the end of summer and the beginning of the next school year. Children and adults alike, look forward to this yearly event where neighbors, family and friends come together to eat, drink and be merry.
The Fies Family -- Andy and Jean -- provide the centerpiece of the block party with their slow-cooked, North Carolina pulled pork recipe. The entire block salivates each year waiting on this delectable dish.

Everyone else brings side dishes, like macaroni and cheese, salads, veggie dishes, red velvet cake, cheese cake, cup cakes and apple pie. There are plenty of creations to delight any palate, but the pulled pork dish is the highlight of the event and everyone waits for the showpiece to arrive.

Segment 1
Meeting the Fies Family
Meeting the Fies Family
Joey introduces us to a man from Alabama and his southern-style recipe for pulled-pork that he brought to Evanston, Illinois. See how this slow-cooked masterpiece has become the center piece of a long running, neighborhood block party.
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Segment 2
Cooking Low and Slow
Cooking Low and Slow
Andy shows us the art of cooking low and slow. He shares his secrets for making this amazing pulled pork recipe.
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Segment 3
Pulling the Pork
Pulling the Pork
Joey discovers why hand-pulling pork will test your toughness. Joey and the women of Lincolnwood Drive show their Teflon hands at work.
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Segment 4
Let the Feast Begin
Let the Feast Begin
The pulled-pork is a hit every year at the block party in Evanston. Joey goes over tips and hints for you to do this at home.
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Segment 5
North Carolina Pulled Pork
North Carolina Pulled Pork
Andy Fies shares his recipe for slow and smoked pork shoulder over a hot charcoal and wood chip grill.
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Photo Gallery
Photos: Joey at Evanston Party
Joey Fatone visits an Evanston, Illinois, block party where a slow-cooked masterpiece takes center stage.
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