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Owner of Famous LA Restaurant Shares Secrets with Joey

Joey Fatone visits the home of Christy Vega Fowler, owner of Casa Vega Restaurant in Los Angeles, California. The restaurant was founded by her father, Ray Vega, 50 years ago. Now, Christy carries on the family tradition of bringing authentic Mexican food to the community.
Casa Vega has been a Tinsel Town favorite for a long time. Celebrities like Marlon Brando, Gary Cooper and John Wayne were frequent patrons on the eatery. Today, it's still a Hollywood hot spot with many entertainers from our own Joey Fatone to Miley Cyrus often coming to partake in some authentic Mexican food traditions.

Most of the recipes at Casa Vega are from Christy's grandparents, who moved to the U.S. from Tijuana, Mexico. She enjoys sharing the family recipes with the community.

Christy shows Joey how to make an authentic Mexican soup and vegetable tamales. Her recipe for chicken enchiladas is truely a labor of love. She makes her own enchilada sauce from scratch and adds in all the flavorful and wonderful ingredients just like her grandparents.

Not only does Christy run the restaurant, but she frequently can be found in the kitchen where she works to continually evolve the recipes to also include healthy options to the famous dishes. Her father is really proud of his daughter for carrying on the tradition and family legacy.

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Segment 1
Vegetable Tamales
Vegetable Tamales
Christy Vega, owner of Casa Vega, takes pride in her restaurant's famous tamales. She shares the recipe.
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Segment 2
Albondigas Soup
Albondigas Soup
This is an authentic Mexican meatball soup.
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Segment 3
Chicken Enchiladas
Chicken Enchiladas
This recipe for chicken enchiladas is paired with a delicious homemade salsa roja.
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Segment 4
Mexican Food Taste Test
Mexican Food Taste Test
Joey and Christy taste test all of the wonderful authentic Mexican dishes they have created from recipes handed down by Christy's grandparents.
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Photo Gallery
Behind-the-Scenes Photos: Casa Vega
Go behind-the-scenes with the crew from Casa Vega.
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