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Mean Ball Mania

Mean Ball Mania

Joey and Cara mix a 'mean' meatball. The trick is to not man-handle the meat, just grab, pack and throw those babies right in the sauce.

Cara gives Joey the lowdown on how to make her great spaghetti and 'mean balls' recipe. Once they finish preparing the meatballs, they put them in the sauce and let it simmer for three hours.

Spaghetti and Mean Balls

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Saucing It Up
Saucing It Up
Cara walks us step by step to making this historical family recipe from her family's restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska.
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Wild 'Off Road' Riding
Wild Off Road  Riding
While the sauce cooks, Cara takes Joey for a wild ride in her off-road, lifted Jeep. Some like cruising the hills and streams, but Cara likes to climb the rocks.
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The Taste Test
The Taste Test
Joey puts the sauce to the test and Cara makes a surprise dessert.
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Cara's Spaghetti and Mean-Balls
Caras Spaghetti and Mean-Balls
Cara James shares her recipe for spaghetti and meatballs.
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Cara's Piggy Pudding
Caras Piggy Pudding
Then, Cara springs a surprise dessert, 'Piggy Pudding' and you can only guess what makes this dish deserving of having such a name!
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