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Mama Said, Mama Said

Joey fires up the kitchen with Lori and her daughter to begin prepping the ingredients for the family-favorite meal.

Lori Kline logged thousands of miles in the air as a stewardess for Air Florida Airlines where customer service was key. Now settled in Lake Worth Florida, she has perfected this New Orleans style Creole dish with a little kick affectionately called, "Mama Shrimp."

It all started during her flight attendant days when Lori lived in New Orleans. After a night on the town with the crew on Bourbon Street, the guys had gone fishing earlier in the day and came back with a ton of fresh shrimp. Lori and her friends started throwing together ingredients and came up with this delectable, exciting dish. She has been making it for her family ever since and that's how it got the name, "Mama Shrimp."

Now Lori makes this dish for her husband and daughter and any family or friends that happen to stop in. She also has created variations called, "Mama Sauce," "Mama Chicken," "Mama Rice," and "Mama Everything."

To get things started Lori puts a stick of butter in the skillet to melt. Then she and her daughter Sammi, get to choppin'. They chop the parsley and scallions from her husband's fresh produce market and prepare to put them in the pan. Lori then smashes the garlic and makes Joey howl as they smash it up, flip it and rub it down.

Flight Attendant Shares Mama Shrimp Recipe

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