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Lorraine's Lost Memories

After Lorraine's mother passed away in 2004 a treasured cookbook with all of her recipes was lost. But Lorraine discovered a cousin had some of her mother's original recipe cards -- giving her a chance to touch the same cards hand-written by her mother so many years ago.

Lorraine and Joey continuing cooking this dish that she makes look effortless. She prides herself on her cleanliness, so the dish was prepared in one easy to clean up pot.

One of Lorraine's ingredients -- turmeric -- comes with a warning. If you get this spice on your hands, you should wash them immediately or it will stain your hands.

While the chicken is simmering with the wine and spices, Lorraine makes the quinoa, which is a great source of protein and substitute for rice or pasta. It has no carbs and is actually a seed.

Mediterranean Chicken with Quinoa

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Organic Chicken, Organic Tomatoes... Oh, So Good!
Organic Chicken, Organic Tomatoes... Oh, So Good!
Lorraine Brown teaches Joey to make this awesome recipe that everyone loves.
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Bears and Bulls and Cheers, Oh My!
Bears and Bulls and Cheers, Oh My!
Lorraine tells Joey about her days as a Chicago Bears 'Honey Bear' and a Chicago Bulls 'Luvabull' cheerleader. She and six other women started the cheer squads, which paved the way for the Chicago 'Luvabulls' cheerleaders today.
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Cooking Keeps Loving Memories Alive
Cooking Keeps Loving Memories Alive
While serving up this amazing dish, Joey learns that Lorraine keeps her mother's memory alive through the love she absorbed while cooking alongside her as a child. Food is comforting and the smells and tastes are things that remind us of our love for family and our childhood memories.
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Mediterranean Chicken with Quinoa
Mediterranean Chicken with Quinoa
Lorraine Brown shares a recipe for a healthy meal with Mediterranean flavor.
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