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Joey Fatone Visits Real-Life 'Swamp Man' For Cajun-Style Cooking

Joey Fatone visits Kimmie Seringe, a real-life 'swamp man' who knows his way around a kitchen, where he learns how to fish for crab and cook Cajun-style.
Joey met up with a real-life swamp man who hunts, shoots, traps and cooks it all up himself. Kimmie Serigne is a commercial fisherman and trapper from St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, which is about 30 minutes south of New Orleans in bayou country. His family taught him the skills that he needed to live on the land.

"Both my mom's side and my dad's side are commercial fisherman and trappers so that's how I grew up," said Kimmie.

With a unique interior decorating style and an unusual choice in pets, this dude is the real deal on the swamp. After Joey toured Kimmie's home, which is decorated with stuffed animals that Kimmie shot or trapped, he introduced Joey to his pet -- a huge alligator snapping turtle. The turtle is common in the southeast waters from Texas to Florida. They are known to bite and they can grow as large as 250 pounds. 'Big Head' -- as Kimmie likes to call him -- is about 85 years old and he weighs 107 pounds.

"I do fish him so I figured I would just have one in the house just because," said Kimmie.

Then, they headed out to the marsh to catch some crab. The wide-open marsh lands and canals are prime blue crab waters.

"I am going to bring pretty boy on a boat and I am going to show him how things are done in South Louisiana,' said Kimmie.

When they arrived at the string of crab pods that they guys laid out several days ago, it was time to pull them up and see what they caught. In the pods, they found blue crabs and stone crabs. After they picked out the good crabs, they headed back to Kimmie's house to start cooking.

Kimmie is a master in the kitchen and everything he hunts doesn't go to waste. He considers his backyard a grocery store.

"The first thing I ever went hunting for was ducks. I think I was around 5 years old and I have been duck hunting ever since. I will duck hunt all year, the whole season. I'll clean up and pack them in the freezer and we will eat that all year long. You can go to the grocery story, I am going to the woods," said Kimmie.

He started by showing Joey how to prepare slow roasted duck, which he stuffed with garlic and onion. His recipe is a labor of love since he has to stand over the pot for four hours while it simmers and cooks to perfection. The end result is a tender and delicious meat.

Then, one of Kimmie's buddies, Bobby Lovell, showed Joey how to make a crab boil. When Kimmie breaks out the crab pot, he invites all their friends over for the feast. It is the perfect recipe for entertaining a large crowd.

Red beans and rice is a staple in New Orleans. Kimmie shared his family's recipe with Joey.

Segment 1
Joey Fatone Gets Crab Fishing Lesson
Joey Fatone Gets Crab Fishing Lesson
Kimmie Seringe, a real-life 'swamp man' who knows his way around a kitchen, takes Joey Fatone out on the swamps of Louisiana to show him how to fish for crab.
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Segment 2
Slow Roasted Duck
Slow Roasted Duck
Kimmie Serigne's slow roasted duck is stuffed with fresh garlic cloves and onions.
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Segment 3
Crab Boil
Crab Boil
Kimmie Seringe's friend, Bobby Lovell, shares an easy and delicious way to prepare crab. This recipe is perfect for enteraining a large crowd.
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Segment 4
Kimmie Serigne cooks his familys recipe for red beans and rice for Joey Fatone.
Red Beans and Rice
Kimmie Serigne shares his long-time family recipe for red beans and rice, which is a staple in New Orleans.
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Photo Gallery
Behind-the-Scenes Photos: Crab Boil
Joey Fatone heads to Louisiana for a crab boil party!
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