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Joey Fatone Meets Janie's Kitchen

Joey Fatone goes to his hometown of Brooklyn, New York, to meet up with Jane and Seth Box. The couple shows him how to make a few recipes with a healthy and delicious twist.
Jane is a self described foodie, blogger, private caterer and chef. Her husband, Seth, is an education specialist with a world renowned spirit and cognac company, Hennessey and Moet. They make the perfect pair -- a beverage connoisseur and a bonafide chef.

Joey visited the couple's home on Jane's birthday. They started the celebration with a gin fizz -- one of Jane's favorite cocktails. Then, Joey helped Jane make a delicious homemade gazpacho -- a cold soup.

And, then it was off to dessert. Jane likes to put a healthy spin on all her recipes. She made a batch of double chocolate chip cookies with a twist -- she uses spelt flour instead of regular white flour. It is higher in protein and contains only a small amount of gluten. She tops the cookies with some homemade vanilla ice cream with Grand Marnier.

While the cookies were in the oven and ice cream in the freezer, Joey and Jane got to work on the main course -- fried chicken and mac and cheese. Jane's version of fried chicken is baked it instead of fried and she uses cottage cheese instead of roux, which is butter, flour and milk, in her mac and cheese. Joey was surprised that he couldn't taste the difference.

Seth and Jane met in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Seth was teaching a champagne course. They became close friends for about three years and then they started to date. On the fourth date, Seth proposed and they were married four months later in San Francisco. Before they moved to New York, Seth made her sign a piece of paper that said she would not look for a job for at least three months. He wanted her to explore her passion. That's when Jane discovered her love for cooking.

While living in California, Jane was on a constant roller coaster of dieting and discovered that was not working for her. She learned to balance her lifestyle with eating in moderation and making healthy choices. Now, she produces a cooking internet website called Janie's Kitchen where she has over 200 recipes that are tasty with a healthy balance. For more information about Janie's Kitchen visit

Segment 1
Simple Gazpacho Made Complicated
Simple Gazpacho Made Complicated
Get the recipe for a simple homemade gazpacho -- which is a delicious cold soup.
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Segment 2
Gin Fizz
Gin Fizz
Seth Box shares his recipe for a gin fizz -- which his wife's favorite cocktail.
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Segment 3
Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
These delicious homemade double chocolate chip cookies are made with spelt flour.
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Segment 4
Vanilla Ice Cream with Grand Marnier
Vanilla Ice Cream with Grand Marnier
This recipe for homemade vanilla ice cream has an adult twist -- Grand Marnier.
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Segment 5
Happy Hubby Mac and Cheese
Happy Hubby Mac and Cheese
Try this healthy twist on mac and cheese from Janie's Kitchen.
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Segment 6
Healthy Fried Chicken
Healthy Fried Chicken
Jane Box's healthy fried chicken is big on taste without all the calories!
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Photo Gallery
Behind-the-Scenes Photos: Janie's Kitchen
Go behind the scenes as Joey Fatone heads to Janie's Kitchen.
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