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Italian Favorites with Jonathan Sara

Joey Fatone visits his long-time friend Jonathan Sara in Orlando, Florida. Jonathan loves to cook and took his passions all the way to Italy where he learned a few tricks of the trade.
Jonathan and Melissa Sara have been friends with Joey and his family for many years. Joey and Jonathan used to be in the same drama group in high school. There are a group of friends from that time of their lives that still stay in touch and get together whenever possible. Joey and Jonathan even have daughters that were born on the same day.

Jonathan grew up in a very traditional Italian family where his mother and grandmother made traditional Italian dishes. His wife, Melissa, actually wasn't too fond of Italian food until Jonathan made his famous gnocchi for her. He learned how to make the Italian version of gnocchi while studying cooking in Italy.

There is an art to rolling the gnocchi. Jonathan says the trick is not to knead the pasta too much so that it gets gluteny or gummy. You need to have just the right amount of rolling and pressing. And, you should let the dough rise while you are rolling it between your palms. He tops the gnocchi with his parmesan tomato cream sauce. Click here for recipe.

Another one of Jonathan's specialties is homemade Limoncello -- an Italian liqueur. Joey was pleased when he found it stockpiled in his freezer.

With the help of Johathan's wife Missy, Jonathan and Joey create an elegant appetizer -- shrimp pesto crostini. It is very easy to make and tastes delicious!

Jonathan learned how to make Amaretti panini cookies from an Italian woman while he was studying in Italy. The Amaretti cookies are soaked in espresso to give them a rich flavor.

Segment 1
Gnocchi alla Parmigiano
Gnocchi alla Parmigiano
Try Jonathan Sara's recipe for homemade gnocchi with a parmesan tomato cream sauce.
See Recipe
Segment 2
Shrimp Pesto Crostini
Shrimp Pesto Crostini
Jonathan Sara shares a recipe for shrimp pesto crostini.
See Recipe
Segment 3
Amaretti Panini Cookies
Amaretti Panini Cookies
Jonathan Sara shares a recipe for a sweet Italian treat -- amaretti panini cookies.
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Segment 4
This Italian lemon-flavored liqueur is a delicious end to any meal.
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Photo Gallery
Behind-the-Scenes Photos: Pesto Bud
Go behind the scenes with Joey and Jonathan Sara.
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