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Chirba Chirba - A Food Truck Movement

Chirba Chirba - A Food Truck Movement

The Chirba Chirba truck is part of a larger, nation-wide food-truck movement that is sweeping the land. See why this is fast-becoming a fun way to sample gourmet food from the convenience of your workplace parking lot.

For more information on Chirba Chirba visit their website at

To locate a local Food Truck in your area visit:

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Or to get started with your own food truck check out this website

Chirba Chirba Dumpling Truck

Other segments featured on this episode of My Family Recipe Rocks:

Meeting Team Chirba Chirba
Meeting Team Chirba Chirba
Joey hooks up with Chela and Nate, two of the owners of the Chirba Chirba truck, to get it loaded and on the road.
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Hitting the Road
Hitting the Road
After getting the tasty dumplings made and loaded on the truck, Chela, Nate and Joey hit the road where Joey finds out how their dream of owning a food truck all started.
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Crowd Chows Down
Crowd Chows Down
This crowd that gathers at the Chirba Chirba truck doesn't mess around when it comes to authentic, delicious Chinese dumplings! Joey works the truck along side Chela, Nate and brother Josh as lunchtime approaches.
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Chirba Chive
Chirba Chive
Chirba Chirba shares a recipe for chive dumplings.
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