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Utah's Arches National Park

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Utah's Arches National Park is a place where desert sands have formed into impossible sculptures. It is one of the most popular national parks in the west but it is easy to escape the crowds if you know where to look.
For three Motion guest hikers, walking these amazing sand sculptures is a dream come true.

Lorelei Mize of Omaha, Nebraska, gave birth to twin girls at the age of 17. She dedicated herself to her daughters -- Meagan and Amanda -- and she did the best job she could raising the girls by herself.

"So when I found out I was going to be on the Motion show, immediately my heart raced and it didn't even matter where we were going, it was an adventure, it was that road trip that I missed out when I got to go with two of my best friends who are my daughters," said Lorelei.

The base camp for the group was at Sorrel River Ranch and Spa about 20 miles east of Moab, Utah and right on the banks of the Colorado River. Nestled below the red rock views of eastern Utah, Sorrel River Ranch is a comfortable place to call home after a big day of exploring at nearby Arches National Park.

Arches National Park has the largest collection of natural arches in the world. Its mixed terrain features sandstone towers, slickrock expanses and rugged canyons. The park preserves nearly 2,000 arches with excess through a network of trails. A handful of these arches gets a steady stream of traffic and at times the park can be congested but there are miles of wide open spaces to explore off crowded trails if you know how or where to look.

From the trail system through The Windows section of Arches, the group hiked for a mile to Landscape Arch and then to Delicate Arch. After spending some time viewing the more popular features of the park, they got off the beaten path and explored a slot canyon.

The group stopped to admire some Native American art on the cliffs at Courthouse Wash, which is just outside the park entrance. It was the perfect way to end the trip.

Greg really enjoyed sharing this experience with Lorelei, Amanda, and Meagan. As a devoted mother who hasn't always taken enough time for herself, it was a great opportunity for her to bond with her girls, and rediscover her passion for the outdoors.

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Segment 1
Giant Landscapes
Giant Landscapes
Setting out to explore Arches National Park for the first time, it's easy to see why these unique and magnificent features draw so many people to this place. The sheer size of the features and the diverse terrain creates an amazing first impression.
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Segment 2
Red Rock Magic
Red Rock Magic
Sometimes taking the path more traveled is just worth it. Greg and the crew discover the magic of the park's most popular feature -- the ever eroding sandstone provides an incredible balancing act.
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Segment 3
A Glimpse Into The Past
A Glimpse Into The Past
Exploring an area fewer people visit, gives a reminder that the native people thrived in this place thousands of years prior. Finding an area like this offers the peace and quiet that is difficult to find in such a popular place.
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Segment 4
Utahs True Gem
Utah's True Gem
With so many amazing parks in this great state, the grande, ever changing features here make Arches National Park a true standout. Dedicated mom and guest hiker, Lorelei is now beginning to enjoy a rekindled love for the outdoors.
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Photo Gallery
Utah's Arches National Park
Check out the photos of Greg's journey at Utah's Arches National Park.
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