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The Other Side of Wind Cave

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The cave is definitely the park's main attraction, so every year thousands of visitors miss out on the other side of this incredible place -- the sprawling grasslands and spectacular wildlife.

Wind Cave National Park

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Exploring Wind Cave National Park
Exploring Wind Cave National Park
Greg and guest hikers Robin and Rick discover why the Wind Cave system is one of the most unique in the world. They went far below the surface into the cavern where they found some of the world's rarest mineral formations.
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Boland Ridge
Boland Ridge
With a little extra effort, the group finally gets a glimpse at one of the more shy residents of Wind Cave.
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Plan Your Trip to Wind Cave
Plan Your Trip to Wind Cave
The diversity of this national park is hard to believe. The cave system, native grasslands, prairies, and the numbers of wild animals, make this park the perfect destination for outdoor lovers.
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