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Secrets of Tioga Pass

Tioga Pass and Yosemite's Highway 120 are known for their stunning scenery and unrivaled access to the High Sierra. Discover how and why this historic road came to be.
Segment 1
Not so Silver Lining
Not so Silver Lining
Tim and Greg set out off trail to find the real reason Yosemite's scenic Highway 120 was constructed long before the park was even born. What they find are the remnants of a grueling but fruitless operation eventually abandoned by so many with dreams of wealth. A look into the past gives perspective on what it must have been like to live in a high Sierra town in the late 1800's.
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Segment 2
Towering Tufas
Towering Tufas
A trip down the hill to beautiful Mono Lake proves to be the perfect opportunity for the guys to launch one of Greg's favorite pieces of gear. Discover a different view than most people who usually only walk its shoreline.
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Segment 3
Tuolumne Treasure
Tuolumne Treasure
Tuolumne Meadows is just another example of Highway 120's treasures. With many wonderful day hikes in the area, Greg and Tim can't help but to get out of the car, take off on foot, and soak in the scenery and splendor of the area.
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Segment 4
Tioga Pass Resort
Tioga Pass Resort
Surrounded by amazing rivers and lakes, the Tioga Pass Resort really is the perfect place to stay if you're in this area. They offer amazing food, charming cabins, and the access to the high sierra is unbeatable.
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