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Paddling the Poconos, Skytop Lodge

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The Pocono Mountains in northeastern Pennsylvania are home to hundreds lakes perfect for kayak or canoe to get on the water discover a different side.

A lot of the lakes have kayak and canoe rentals. It's another way to get out of the dense canopy of the forest and get some different and wonderful views.

Located in the heart of the Poconos and high in the rolling hills of northeastern Pennsylvania you'll find the Skytop Lodge.

This Dutch colonial stone manor opened in 1928 and has been considered the pride of the Poconos ever since.

The grounds are breathtaking. Large gardens, pools and stonework set the stage for one of the most incredible places you'll ever stay in.

Inside, the rooms reflect the style of a grand northeastern lodge and with all the amenities and service you would expect.

While the Skytop Lodge is rich with tradition, it's also a place where kids can be kids, with a huge game room and soda fountain. Dining at the Skytop is top notch and three meals a day are included in your stay.

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