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Misty Fjords National Monument

Two guest-hikers set out on an adventure with Greg Aiello, host of Motion, to explore one of the most remote national monuments in the U.S. -- Misty Fjords National Monument in southeast Alaska. The monument, which is called the Yosemite of the North, features an expansive rainforest that is mostly untouched by human hands.

Ketchikan, Alaska -- a port town that sees approximately 130 inches of rain a year -- is the closest town with civilization to the Misty Fjords National Monument. During the summer months, the town sees nearly 5,000 visitors a day from the constant cruise ship activity.

With places as remote as Misty Fjords, it helps to have knowledge of the area so we turned to Southeast Sea Kayaks and master Alaskan guide Brandon.

Guest-hikers Joy and Priti are pretty adventurous. They recently took up hang-gliding -- even in spite of the fact that Joy is 90 percent deaf.

After gearing up, the crew boarded a boat and set out for their destination to Punchbowl Cove.

Misty Fjords National Monument was created in 1978 by a presidential proclamation from Jimmy Carter. It covers 2.3 million acres of the Tongass National Forest. In 1980, Congress designated all but 150,000 acres as wilderness.

The area is a kayaker's paradise. With still waters and hundreds of coves and inlets to explore, a kayak is the perfect way to take in all the beauty that Misty Fjords has to offer.

"Joy and I were thinking of taking kayak lessons but then we got this opportunity. This is the best place to learn kayaking," said Priti.

After a couple of hours of kayaking, the crew set up camp. About 50 to 75 people spend the night in the Fjords every year. The Motion crew counted themselves lucky to have the opportunity to get this close to nature.

The Motion crew took Joy and Priti on a very challenging hike to Punchbowl Lake. The trail is only one-mile long but it is considered very difficult. It is steep and slippery but the view of the lake and waterfall is incredible.

Another great way to see the beauty of the Misty Fjords is by air. The Motion crew rented a float plane to explore and get up-close and personal with the brown bears.

Lots of bears call this area home. You need to be careful when you are hiking and camping, packing away all your food.

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Segment 1
Kayakers Paradise
Kayaker's Paradise
Greg and our first time kayakers Priti and Joy get a taste of Misty's calm water, spectacular waterfalls and amazing coves as they paddle their way to set up camp.
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Segment 2
Hike of a Lifetime
Hike of a Lifetime
A steep and treacherous hike along one of the most unique trails ever provides some breathtaking scenery and proves to be the centerpiece of the trip.
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Segment 3
View from Above
View from Above
A short Kayak excursion from camp allows for one of the trip's best wildlife sightings and we finish the trip off with a breathtaking view of Misty Fjords from up in the clouds.
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Segment 4
Away From It All
Away From It All
Greg, Priti, and Joy share how their experience in such a majestic and truly wild place touched them.
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Photo Gallery
Behind-the-Scenes Photos: Misty Fjords
Check out the photos from Greg's trip to Misty Fjords National Monument in southeast Alaska.
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