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Los Angeles Hiking

When you think of Los Angeles, hiking in the great outdoors probably isn't your first thought but Greg shows you there is much more to L.A. than fancy cars and movie stars.
With it's incredible geography, stunning mountains and beautiful Pacific coast, the L.A. basin is home to some great hiking just minutes from downtown.

You can explore several scenic hikes while visiting L.A., including one to the famous Hollywood sign and the lost set of a popular TV show from the past!

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Segment 1
A Hike To The Stars
A Hike To The Stars
Greg sets out on a hike to find a popular icon of Hollywood.
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Segment 2
Santa Monica Mountains
Santa Monica Mountains
Los Angeles has miles of incredible hiking trails but this one tops them all.
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Segment 3
Malibu Sunset
Malibu Sunset
When the conditions are right, it's tough to be a sunset over the Malibu coast.
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Segment 4
Malibu Beach Inn
Malibu Beach Inn
The Malibu Beach Inn is a great place to hang your hat.
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Photo Gallery
California's Central Coast
There's much more to California than the lights, camera, action of Hollywood and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
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