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Kayaker's Paradise

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Greg and our first time kayakers Priti and Joy get a taste of Misty's calm water, spectacular waterfalls and amazing coves as they paddle their way to set up camp.

Misty Fjords National Monument

Other segments featured on this episode of Motion:

Hike of a Lifetime
Hike of a Lifetime
A steep and treacherous hike along one of the most unique trails ever provides some breathtaking scenery and proves to be the centerpiece of the trip.
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View from Above
View from Above
A short Kayak excursion from camp allows for one of the trip's best wildlife sightings and we finish the trip off with a breathtaking view of Misty Fjords from up in the clouds.
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Away From It All
Away From It All
Greg, Priti, and Joy share how their experience in such a majestic and truly wild place touched them.
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