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Hiking the John Muir Trail

The John Muir Trail is well over 200 miles and twists across the roof of the mighty Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. From its northern terminus in Yosemite National Park to the summit of Mt. Whitney in the south, the John Muir Trail crosses six passes over 11,000 feet and usually takes three weeks to complete.
The trail was completed in 1938 and named to honor the great naturalist and 'father' of the national park system in America, John Muir. Muir is best know for helping to establish Yosemite as a national park and for founding the Sierra Club, but he spend tireless hours in the backcountry of the High Sierra mapping, writing and sketching the incredible 'Range of Light', a nickname Muir gave the Sierra because of its amazing colors and landscapes.

A through-hike of the complete John Muir Trail isn't for everyone and after guiding/hiking this amazing trail over the last 10 years, Greg shows you his favorite section of the John Muir Trail that can be done by most people in 4 to 5 days through some of the most beautiful scenes you'll find along the entire route. This is the same route featured in the popular 'Fan Hike' episode of Motion but in this show Greg dives into the trip details with maps, elevations and backcountry tips to help you plan this incredible hike.

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Segment 1
Looking Back and Getting Started
Looking Back and Getting Started
Learn how the John Muir Trail came to be and then see how Greg gets to his favorite section of this rugged trail-hike started.
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Segment 2
Big Climb
Big Climb
The first part of this 30-mile section of the John Muir Trail is fairly easy but further into the hike, altitude, weather and having the right gear all come into play. Greg shows you what to expect.
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Segment 3
Breathtaking View
Breathtaking View
After crossing Donahue Pass, the John Muir Trail drops into Yosemite National Park and the breathtaking Lyell Canyon.
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Segment 4
Trip Tips and Gear List
Trip Tips and Gear List
Greg recaps this amazing journey and shares some useful tips to plan your adventure including some great suggestions on gear -- it's not as hard as you might think!
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Photo Gallery
Photos: Hiking the John Muir Trail
Greg hikes a 30-mile section of the 212 mile-long John Muir Trail.
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