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Hawaii's Oahu and Maui Islands

Oahu and Maui are two of the most popular destinations of all the Hawaiian Islands. But beyond the crowded beaches of Waikiki and the high-end resorts of Maui, you will find a spectacular world of remote scenic beauty, hiking, lost coastlines and dense tropical rainforests.
Greg explores the hidden secrets of both Oahu and Maui and unlocks a totally new way to experience the tropical paradise of Hawaii!

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Segment 1
Waikiki Surf Lesson
Waikiki Surf Lesson
Waikiki is a tropical hot spot but having fun in the sun can be more than laying on the beach.
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Segment 2
Mauis Amazing Beauty
Maui's Amazing Beauty
Maui is famous for incredible resorts and spectacular beaches.
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Segment 3
Alone Time in Maui
Alone Time in Maui
Maui is the perfect place to escape the resorts and find your own little piece of paradise.
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Segment 4
Mauis North Shore
Maui's North Shore
Unique lodging captures the feel of Maui's north shore.
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