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Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska

Glacier Bay National Park is a huge, wild and pristine expanse of the Alaskan outdoors and one of the few places on Earth to see massive tidal glaciers on the move.
At over three million acres, Glacier Bay is big and most visitors see this natural treasure from the deck of a cruise ship. But there's another world to discover inside the park once you step on land.

Temperate rainforests, incredible wildlife and the scenic charm of coastal-Alaska can only be experienced on foot. The Glacier Bay Lodge is the only place to stay inside the park's expansive boundaries and the perfect place to begin a hike into the dense woodlands of Glacier Bay.

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Segment 1
Hiking in Glacier Bay
Hiking in Glacier Bay
Greg explores the fantastic hiking along the shores of Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska.
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Segment 2
Glaciers Up Close!
Glaciers Up Close!
A ride on the only day-cruise in Glacier Bay National Park will get you the best look at sights like the Johns Hopkins Glacier -- moving into the sea at 15 feet per day!
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Segment 3
Eerie Discovery
Eerie Discovery
Greg finds an eerie discovery in the Alaskan woods. Locals tip Greg and the crew off to a beautiful hike with a somber destination -- the crash site of a military plane that went down long ago.
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Segment 4
Glacier Bay Lodge in Alaska
Glacier Bay Lodge in Alaska
Glacier Bay beyond the deck of a cruise ship. The Glacier Bay Lodge is the only place to stay within the 3.2 million acres that make up this wild national park and its a stay you won't forget!
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