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How To Geocache

Geocaching is an activity that is spreading like wildfire around the world. It's basically a high-tech treasure hunt using a GPS (Global Positioning Unit) and a home computer. A cache is a usually small box or container filled with trinkets, odds and ends and other items of little value. A logbook or register is also included so that 'cachers' can record their visit to a particular geocache.

To get started, go to and sign up for free. Once you're in, you can enter your zip code, do a search for caches in your area, find a cache that looks interesting and then enter it's coordinates (longitude and latitude) into the GPS unit. Once you have a fix on its location... it''s time to hit the trail to discover what the cache has inside!

Geocaching is a great way to get outdoors while doing something everyone in the family will enjoy. The allure of discovering an unknown treasure is what makes this a fun way to get outside and to get moving!


As you may have seen in the 'geocaching' episode of Motion, Greg hid a cache somewhere in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California near Yosemite National Park. We won't tell you what's inside the cache but you can get pretty close with a GPS unit and the following coordinates:

North 37 degrees 24.829, West 119 degrees 37.477

Hint: Don't let the beauty of the Lewis Creek Trail pull your attention to the waters far below or you might miss this secret spot!

You can also go to and search for the 'Motion Cache' in California for a more detailed description of our secret stash!

For more information:

Segment 1
Geocaching is catching on around the world. What is it?
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Segment 2
Hide A Cache
Hide A Cache
Brenda and Kelly show Greg the best way to hide a cache.
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Segment 3
Greg sets out alone to hide a 'Motion-Cache'.
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Segment 4
GPS Device
GPS Device
Buying a new GPS doesn't have to be hard or expensive.
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