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Complete Episode: California's Central Coast

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There's much more to California than the lights, camera, action of Hollywood and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. While both LA and the Bay Area are great, there's nothing like the laid-back style and scenic beauty of California's Central Coast.

Bishop's Peak-San Luis Obispo
This is a great hike with moderate difficulty just west of SLO. There is a well-used foot-trail to the summit and views from the top of the 1500 ancient volcanic plug are amazing. Bring extra water and a wind-breaking since it can blow pretty good on top of this incredible peak.

Montana De Oro State Park
7 miles south of Los Osos, California you will find a rugged, wild and spectacular coastal park home to biking, hiking, sand dunes, beaches and tide-pools. Camping is available and crowds are usually non-exsistant.

Pismo Beach
This 'kick-back' surf town boasts one of the single largest beaches on the west coast. A huge dune area is popular with motorcycles, quads and dune buggies. Rentals are available. The pier at Pismo Beach is a great place to take a stroll, watch the waves roll in and relax. There are lots of great lodging and dining options in Pismo. Our favorites are Cheley's and The Cracked Crab for breakfast and dinner.

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