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Complete Episode: Getting Away from the Crowds at Glacier National Park

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Glacier National Park is considered the crown jewel of the entire park system. With easy access to incredible, alpine landscapes, Glacier National Park is outdoor beauty on an epic scale. But getting away from the crowds and popular tourist hot-spots is the best way to experience the true nature of this park and it's easier than you might think. By setting foot on one of Glacier National Park's many trails, you'll quickly see why this is such a special place.

A walk on the park's Swiftcurrent Pass trail is breathtaking and fairly easy but being 'bear aware' is key when exploring anywhere in Glacier National Park.

Often overlooked but incredibly easy to find, Apikuni Falls requires only a short hike and a little effort for one of Glacier National Park's best kept secrets.

Just outside the park, Greg spots a stretch of the Swiftcurrent River that looks perfect for some "micro-exploration" -- courtesy of the pack-raft.

Right in the heart of Glacier National Park's best day hikes, the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn is the perfect place to stay if experiencing the park's backcountry beauty is on your list.

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