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Complete Episode: Shoshone National Forest and Brooks Lake Lodge

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Wyoming's Shoshone National Forest is one of the best spots in the country to enjoy winter with its jagged peaks and snow covered foothills. There is a unique way to experience this Alpine magic without roughing it in the wild -- Brooks Lake Lodge.

Shoshone National Forest is considered to be one of the best national forests by many. With more than 2 million acres of rugged peaks, dense forests and sprawling valleys, it was designated as one of the first national forests in the area. This region is home to many animals, such as moose, deer, buffalo, elk, and even wolves.

Greg brought along two guest hikers to explore this part of northwest Wyoming -- Steven and Donald. They are from Oakland, California, and had limited experience in the outdoors. For the first time, Greg decided to surprise the guest hikers by holding back some of the details of their trip.

"There was this whole air of secrecy. We were just wondering what type of activity we were going to be doing and exactly where we were going to be. We were kind of left in the dark about a lot," said Steven Harris, Motion guest hiker.

After a drive in the mountains, Greg surprised them with a unique mode of transportation to Brooks Lake Lodge -- dog sledding. It takes 12 dogs to pull a sled and they can pull up to 500 pounds of weight. And, according to tour guide Billy Snodgrass, the dogs really enjoy their job.

After braving the elements on the dog sleds, they were excited to warm up at the historic Brooks Lake Lodge. The lodge gives visitors a special Alpine experience, providing large cabins and warmly lit rooms with beautiful views. It sits at 9,000 feet and is surrounded by Brooks Mountain, the continental divide and the high peaks of the Pinnacle Mountains.

After resting for a bit, they put their snowshoes on and headed down to Brooks Lake. Since Steven was suffering from a mild case of attitude sickness, they didn't stay out too long.

"The main thing I wanted to accomplish was pushing myself. I wanted to see how far I could go," said Steven.

"Those mountains are just awesome and you can see for miles," said Donald.

For a trip into the mountains of Wyoming in the winter time, Greg recommends dressing in layers of synthetic clothing.

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