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Capitol Reef National Park

In a state with so many natural wonders, Utah is an outdoor paradise. With headlining National Parks, like Bryce Canyon, Arches and Zion, Capitol Reef National Park is often overlooked or barely even known.
In most of the popular parks, there's always a way to escape busy summertime crowds, but when you visit Capitol Reef in winter, the entire park is off the beaten path.

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Segment 1
Snowy Walk into Grand Wash
Snowy Walk into Grand Wash
In winter, you can count the people you'll see in this breathtaking park on your hands. Greg bundles up for an unforgettable hike into one of the Capitol Reef's largest canyons, Grand Wash.
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Segment 2
Capitol Reefs Hickman Bridge
Capitol Reef's Hickman Bridge
The snow and ice shouldn't stop you from exploring off the main road to see natural wonders like this. Greg and the crew explore Capitol Reef's largest natural bridge.
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Segment 3
Frozen Look
Frozen Look
Easy to find and to experience, Goosenecks Point is a short hike from the car with a huge view of the canyon below. Greg sneaks a heart-stopping look over the edge while Jeff and Dave shoot this incredible scene with the help of the amazing GoPro Hero camera.
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Segment 4
Capitol Reef Travel Tips
Capitol Reef Travel Tips
Capitol Reef is another incredible example of the wild desert beauty found in southern Utah. But since this park is so far off the beaten path, park attendance is light when compared to Zion, Bryce Canyon and Arches National Parks. If you plan a trip to Capitol Reef in winter, you'll have this stretching expanse almost to yourself but you'll also be limited on lodging and dining.
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