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Ansel Adams Wilderness

For those less adventurous or physically unable to haul a 50 pound pack 10 miles into the wild, there a great way to still enjoy the solitude and beauty of the mountains while having almost every comfort imaginable along for the ride.

Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides in California specializes in horse/mule supported trips where the stock carries in the sleeping bags, tents, clothes and things you don't normally see in the high country. Ice chests, fine wine, fresh produce, steaks and chicken can all come along and the top-notch guides of SYMG are trained back-country culinary wizards that do more than point out the flora and fauna!

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Segment 1
Heading to Lady Lake in Style
Heading to Lady Lake in Style
Lady Lake is a quiet and out of the way, the perfect spot for a High Sierra escape at Ansel Adams Wilderness.
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Segment 2
Mules Do Heavy Lifting
Mules Do Heavy Lifting
With the mules doing the heavy lifting, Greg and his fellow hikers can stroll into camp with minimal gear.
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Segment 3
Gourmet Campside Cooking
Gourmet Campside Cooking
After a gourmet camp site breakfast, Greg takes in some of the more breathtaking views on a hike around Lady Lake.
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Segment 4
Different Way to Backpack
Different Way to Backpack
If you're new to backpacking or a seasoned mountaineer, a trip with Mountain Southern Yosemite Guides offers a great way to check out the back country and try something new.
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