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Motion's Look Back at Five-Year Adventurous Journey
Motions Look Back at Five-Year Adventurous Journey
Greg Aiello and the Motion crew celebrate their 100th episode of Motion with a heart-felt look back at five years of exploring America's national parks and wild places. With never-before-seen footage and hilarious behind-the-scenes outtakes, relive some of the special moments that made Motion a fan-favorite series on the Live Well Network.
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Romantic Surprise While Exploring Catalina Island
Romantic Surprise While Exploring Catalina Island
Catalina Island is an exciting travel destination with the look and feel of a European escape but this vacation island hot spot is just 22 miles from the beaches and bright lights of Los Angeles. Host Greg Aiello takes two guest hikers from the east coast and introduces them to this incredible island getaway. It was the perfect spot for a once-in-a-lifetime surprise.
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Arkansas' Hot Springs National Park
Arkansas Hot Springs National Park
Greg Aiello explores one of America's most unusual national parks in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Hot Springs National Park is a place where natural thermal waters have been gushing from the ground for thousands of years.
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