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Winter Western

Western wear is back and bigger than ever, whether you want to go all-out or just a touch.

"Western wear is most popular in the Southern States, but it has influenced the whole United States and the world," says boutique owner Marlo Miller.

Stylist Emily Elliot adds, "A lot of my clients come to me and want to know how to add just a touch of Western. It's out there in the stores. It's trendy. So, what I say is accessorize& The secret is key pieces and just ease into it."

Here are some of their tips:

  • Look for western details like velvet, studs, bell sleeves, fringe, embroidery, and turquoise.
  • Pair jeans and western detail with a great pair of cowboy boots.
  • Don't forget Navajo and other Aztec-inspired prints.
  • Stick with jeans and a basic top, but layer a great western-inspired jacket over it.
  • Add western elements to your LBD (little black dress).
  • If you're not in to that much western, use an equestrian base to play the part.

More information:
Marlo Miller
Owner - Marlo Miller Boutique

Emily Elliott
Image Consultant, Rebecca Matthews Image & Style

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