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White Jeans in Winter

White Jeans in Winter

Grandma always said no white after Labor Day, but what was once faux pas is now widening our winter wardrobe!

Designer David Peck says why not wear white in winter?

"I think there's this whole notion that you're blending in. It's too summery of a look. But I think with all the great weights and textures we have now, it's become a huge trend," he explains.

However, to avoid any crimes of fashion David says stick with denim. Here are some other guidelines:

  • Layer, layer, layer!
  • White jeans make other pieces pop. Add them to break up a neutral colored top and tall boots.
  • Don't hesitate to wear chunky jewels with casual white jeans.
  • Add interest with unusual combinations - a fur vest OVER your coat instead of underneath it.
  • Muted tones, jewel tones and earth tones look great with white jeans in winter. Save the bright colors for spring.
  • Mix urban, utilitarian items with crisp white jeans and lady-like items.
  • To keep white jeans from looking out of place in cooler months, add boots, booties or closed-toe shoes.
  • When mixing different shades of white, be sure to wear an equal number of each shade so it looks intentionally paired.
  • To transition to spring, start layering with lighter-weight fabrics.
For more information:
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