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What to Eat Before You Workout

What to Eat Before You Workout

If you're feeling kind of sluggish and can't make it through your workout at the gym, it could be what you are or aren't eating. Here's what you should be eating before your workout, no matter the time of day you exercise.

Snap Kitchen corporate dietitian Andrea Hinsdale says that everyone should eat prior to working out and after, no matter the time of day you exercise. However, what we eat can be a little different depending on when we workout. Here are a few of her tips.

What To Eat Before Your Morning Workout

The early morning exerciser should never workout on an empty stomach. We need food for energy. A snack that's about 100-150 calories is perfect and should include mostly carbs.

"If you feel like you haven't eaten enough of a snack halfway through your workout, you're kind of wobbly, you don't feel like you have a lot of energy, it's the carbs that will help stabilize your blood sugar, so the carbs are a great add to protein," says Hinsdale.

Some ideas would be a handful dried fruit, almonds, a half cup of oatmeal, or a banana.

After exercising, try to eat within 45 minutes of completing the workout.

"You want to recover lost liver glycogen, which is stored carbohydrates. You want to build and repair muscle, so eating a carbohydrate and protein-based snack is key," says Hinsdale.

Some examples would be yogurt, oatmeal, or an egg.

What To Eat Before Your Evening Workout

The evening exerciser has a few different scenarios. If you're one that works out right after work, have a handful of dried fruit, raw nuts, or a piece of fruit 45 minutes before exercising. Typically, you'll be heading home to have dinner shortly after.

Keep it balanced with carbs and protein. However, if you go home first, make sure to eat dinner at least two hours prior to exercising. Carbs leave the stomach empty faster and give the body energy, so if you're doing an intense workout later in the evening, eat carbs at dinner. Then, eat your dried or fresh fruit, or half of a protein bar about 45 minutes before working out.

After, even if it's late, have a few bites of something. Try a cereal with almond milk, a banana to replenish potassium, yogurt to replace electrolytes. These foods are perfect for the intense exerciser. For those who sweat a lot, add extra salt to your food.

And don't forget to stick with familiar foods. Trying to exercise on an upset stomach is no good.

For more from Andrea, visit SnapKitchen.com.
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